Tuesday, October 2, 2007

P-Queue has finally come home!

After launches in LA and Chicago, it's a great pleasure to finally thank all who read at our launch this past weekend. Special thanks to those who came to the event--where else will _75_ people come out on a Friday night to hear ten poets read for a total of two hours!?

Let me take a moment and say some inadequate thanks as well to Rich Owens (ed., Damn the Caesars) and Matt Chambers (ed., Pilot)--masterful, humble editors who've stood as tremendous mentors over the past year.

Unable to say more than Rich has already said: please visit Damn the Caesars for some stunning pictures and a great run-down of the event.

Also, please visit our new! site at www.p-queue.org. Wonderful things to see there, thanks to LA-based web-designer, bookmaker, and poet Allison Carter.