Tuesday, October 2, 2007

P-Queue: Call for Work


We are currently seeking submissions for our 2008 volume. P-Queue is interested in 'hybrid' work—what toggles between poetry & prose, critical & creative, "academic" & "non-academic," the visual & the written.

For Vol. 5 (the first in our second series!), we're especially interested in the question of "care."

To this end, we'll be more inclined to consider collaborations, conversations, collocations, correspondences, and the like. These are of course loosely and widely interpretable, but what we want is a representation of ways of being together in language, ways of being in language together.

-selections from letters ('literary' or otherwise)
-conversations (recorded, repeated, replayed, etc.)
-collaboration: in composition, in editing: work that widens the scene of writing, the scene of reading
-collocation: the prosodic or the rhetorical: work that calls us to it, calls us together to space created

And as always, we’re looking to question genre and convention (and to question the _questioning_ of genre & convention!).

Our covers are (lovingly, care-fully) letterpressed, the journal often include images and 'manipulated' texts, and we pride ourselves on the appearance of the publication. P-Queue is published annually (the 2008 yearbook will appear in May). To receive full consideration, please try to submit work by Jan. 1.

See also www.p-queue.org!