Friday, July 31, 2009

A note of thanks for all those who made our BOOG reading so wonderful:

Dear all-

Thanks so much for being part of such a wonderful evening at BOOG City! I'm so grateful we had the opportunity to meet (for some of us, again!) and share this event. Thanks to David and BOOG and ACA for hosting us!

I had a long train ride back to Buffalo yesterday (the tracks were actually flooded throughout the valley!), and it was a real pleasure to have that time for reviewing all the many introductions, conversations, and performances that took place over just a few short hours.

It was a real honor to have shared the evening with you all, and I'm both humbled and proud to have done so--a deep, deep thanks to all.

And all best,

P.S. If you've got photos of the event, please do send them this way, and I'll try to post them, or link to your site (flickr, etc.) so that those who might have missed the event can enjoy the evening!

(p.s. Check out P-Queue for some of the amazing work we were able to share with the world at the launch! Volume 6! And books from Geof Huth and erica lewis and mark stephen finein!)