Tuesday, August 14, 2007


P-Queue, vol. 4, is at last ready! The volume has been a long time coming; suffice it to say (only the most recent hurdle) that an error somewhere between the printer’s and the bindery resulted in all of our handpressed covers being bound around an incompletely printed journal. After a harrowing drive to Toronto for our (as it turns out, one-of-a-kind!) coverstock, a dusk-to-dawn session in our letterpress room, two days for drying time, and a hand-off (yet again) of complete covers to be bound around our journal, our books are finally here!

Be sure to visit us in Chicago this week (8/16), Los Angeles at the end of August (8/24), or Buffalo in the last week of September (9/28) as we celebrate the release of P-Queue in a multi-city launch! We hope to see you there!

P-Queue, vol. 4, features work by:

Harold Abramowitz • José Alvergue • Meg Barboza • Ben Bedard • Allison Carter • Jon Cotner • Elizabeth Cross • David Driscoll • Andy Fitch • Susanne Hall • Anthony Hawley • Laura Jaramillo • Crane Giamo • Philip Metres • Michael Robbins • Siobhan Scarry • Jordan Stempleman • Michelle Taransky • Richard Taransky • Mathew Timmons